Two initiatives anchor the activities that support the IOA mission. One, in collaboration with Dr. Steven R. Jones, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; Director, Inpatient Cardiology, is the establishment of a longitudinal interventional registry of patients who have been screened to assess their cardiovascular disease risk by evaluating sub-clinical arterial disease state and then treated to optimize arterial health.

The second core project is the development of a peer-reviewed journal, the Journal of Arteriology™ that will provide a translational platform for evaluating news, discoveries, studies and other information that can impact arterial health and wellness.

Our objectives are:

  • Advance and accelerate adoption of a revolutionary, science-based “systems approach” to vascular disease
  • Establish a process to expedite the translation of vascular clinical evidence into practice
  • Reduce the incidence of and “events” resulting from vascular disease and the costs associated with it
  • Expand access
  • Our Foci